What's Included in a Contactless Pick-up & Delivery Service?

What's Included in a Contactless Delivery & Pick-up service?

Handy now offers customers the option to book a pick-up & delivery service. Customers will specify the type of goods they would like purchased: grocery items, pharmacy items, take out (food/drinks) or other items.

As part of this service, you will pick up items the customer has requested from the store address provided and drop items off at the customer’s home. You will need to have a mode of transportation (walking, car, bicycle, or bus) to complete this service. Handy is not able to reimburse for gas, bus fare, or other transportation costs.

This service is contactless - meaning you should not enter the customer’s home. Customers are expecting you to leave the items outside of their front door. Just ring the doorbell or knock when you leave the items, so they know that the items have arrived. Otherwise, alert the customer that you have made the delivery via the pro app.

Customers will provide the following information for this service:

  • The type of items to be purchased (grocery, pharmacy, take out, etc.)
  • The store name and address for pick-up
  • A detailed list of items to be purchased (if applicable)
  • An estimate of the out-of-pocket costs required to purchase these items, if not pre-paid for already
  • Their home delivery address


What if I cannot find an item the customer has requested?

If this happens, please contact the customer through the Pro App to let them know you were unable to find an item they requested and ask if they would like a different brand or substitute


Do I have to pay for items with my own money?

This service will often require you to pay out-of-pocket for the items. Though, some customers may prepay for items and simply ask you to simply pick them up.

Customers are asked to provide an estimate of the out-of-pocket costs for the items, which you can view in the job details prior to claiming the job.See the next section for detail on reimbursement


How do I get the money back?

Once you have purchased the requested items, you should take a picture of the receipt for yourself, email a copy of the photo to, and leave the actual receipt for the customer when you make the delivery.

The customer is expected to reimburse you in full for the items using the tip function in the app. If the customer does not understand how to use this feature, you can share this link:

As a reminder, you always receive 100% of the tips a customer gives to you.

Additionally, fees for Handy’s Cash Out Now feature have been removed at this time, so you can Cash Out Now anytime to start the reimbursement process immediately. See detail for how to use this feature here

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