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Every home and every customer is different. Handy offers services across the country; pros are working everywhere from studio apartments in Philadelphia, PA to three bedroom ranch style homes in Bakersfield, CA. That’s why there is no standard way to complete a Handy cleaning, and why top pros reach out to their customers to learn what they expect from a cleaning. While Handy’s Cleaning Checklist provides a general guideline for a basic cleaning, your customers may have different priorities and expectations for their service.  

Customers may contact Handy if their service has not been completed to their satisfaction.  In the event that a customer reports serious dissatisfaction with a service that results in Handy issuing a full refund of the booking cost or a new, free-of-charge replacement booking, a a $15 fee may be added to the account of the pro who provided the original service.

For tips on how to improve at your bookings feel free to review our videos:

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If you’d like more specific feedback about such a fee you can contact CX using the form below.

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