Favorite Clients

Once you complete a booking with a client they will be given the option to add you to their Pro Team, or even to set you as their Favorite Pro. If you are set as a client’s Favorite Pro, you will be given the option to  mark them as your Favorite Client.

If you choose to set a customer as one of your Favorite Clients, it will be even easier to work with them in the future. You will be automatically booked on their future jobs. No need to review their requests from your Favorite Clients. At least three days before the booking start time, we’ll notify you of their jobs and those jobs will appear on your schedule.


How it works

You’re in control.

You get to choose who becomes your Favorite Client.  When a customer sets you as their Favorite Pro, we'll send you an email asking if you'd like to also make them a Favorite Client. You'll have two choices: you can either “Set as Favorite” -- and you’ll begin getting automatically booked on their jobs -- or say “No, thanks” - and you'll remain on the customer's Pro Team but will have to accept their job requests one by one.


Will I be put on all of my Favorite Client's jobs?

If you choose to make a customer your Favorite Client, you will be automatically booked on all of your Favorite Client's upcoming bookings, so long as they are more than three days in the future, and so long as you have not already scheduled another job at the same time. If you have already claimed an overlapping job the bookings will not be switched.

If your Favorite Clients create bookings with less than three days notice you will not be automatically booked but you will have the first chance to claim them in your Requests tab. (However, customers will be able to book instantly book you for jobs with less than three days’ notice within your availability.)

You'll receive an email alert prior to each new job, and these bookings will be listed in text reminders about upcoming jobs on your schedule.

Will I only be booked by Favorite Clients within my Availability?

Not necessarily. If you choose to set Favorite Clients, you may be automatically booked to their jobs at any time, so long as the job is more than three days away.  

What if I can't complete or am not available for one of my Favorite Client's jobs?

If you need to reschedule, just message your client directly to book another time. Favorite Clients’  jobs will be added to your schedule with plenty of time to cancel or reschedule without late cancellation fee. Your Keep Rate will not be affected for Favorite Client job cancellations within 24 hours of the booking appearing on your schedule.

How can I remove someone as my Favorite Client?

Working with repeat clients can lead to more repeat business and tips, which means more earnings for you. However, if you ever want to remove a Favorite Client, you can change their status on their profile.  Or, get in touch with Handy Support using the form below.

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