Scheduling jobs

Building your schedule

Ready to start getting jobs? Excellent! Once you’re all set with the Handy Pro app, open it up and tap the Schedule tab. Next, select the availability status banner for a certain date on your schedule to choose your availability setting that day.


You will be shown 3 different availability options to choose from. We recommend choosing Instant Book if you are a new pro on Handy to make sure that you receive as many jobs as possible. The other options are “Request Only” (which means you will only receive jobs from your existing clients) and “I’m Not Available” (which means you will not receive any jobs - so be careful setting this option!).


Using the Claim tab

The Claim tab will show you all of the available bookings in your selected region, as well as any open jobs within 100 miles of your home address, sorted by day. These are all the available jobs that pros can claim to fill up their schedule. If you do not have Instant Book set, then you must manually go to this tab to claim jobs from new customers. Since other pros are likely claiming jobs, too, it is possible that jobs will get claimed very fast. You can make sure that you are always the first one to claim jobs by setting up Instant Book - that way as soon as a job that fits your schedule appears, you will receive it.

At the top, you can select the day up to one week out. Jobs will show you the expected payout, duration, and the neighborhood. Select a job and scroll to the bottom to claim it and it will be added to your schedule!

Please make sure you’ll be able to fulfill the job before claiming it, because it becomes unavailable for other pros who are looking for work.

You can view your claimed jobs by visiting the Schedule tab.

If you don't see anything in the Claim tab, it means there aren't any available jobs at that moment. We recommend waiting a little bit before checking again, or setting up Instant Book because customers want to book with pros who have Instant Book set.


Learn how to check in/out of a job→

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