Scheduling & completing jobs

Building your schedule

Ready to claim a job? Excellent! Once you’re all set with the Handy Pro app, open it up and tap the Claim tab. This will show you all of the available jobs in your area, sorted by day. At the top, you can select the day (up to one week out), but it defaults to the current day. Jobs will include the expected payout, the duration, and the neighborhood. Select a job and scroll to the bottom to claim it and add it to your schedule!

Please make sure you’ll be able to fulfill the job before claiming it, because it becomes unavailable for other pros who will definitely be able to make it.

You can view your claimed jobs by visiting the Schedule tab.

If you don't see anything in the Claim tab, it means there aren't any available jobs at that moment. We recommend waiting a little bit before checking again. Something will pop up soon!


Checking in to jobs

The check-in and check-out feature is used to verify the jobs you complete, and ensure your payments are accurate. When you’re about to leave for a job, you’ll be able to open up the job details in the Handy Pro app, tap the On My Way button, and then check in once the app detects that you’re close to the job address.

Checking in helps build trust with your customers, and trust is what leads to more jobs (and higher earnings) for you!

If you're having trouble checking in, click here.

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