Can I bring someone with me to a job?

When your customer makes a booking with Handy they are expecting only one professional to arrive to complete the job. They might not be comfortable with multiple people in their home.

This is why, if you plan to bring a assistant, we ask that you inform your customers beforehand. If your customer does not approve an additional person to help complete the work, then we recommend that jobs be completed alone.

You can chat with your customers within 24 hours of the booking start time through the Portal app. Phone numbers are also available if you'd like to speak to your customers over the phone to get this confirmation.

Once you receive permission from your customer, you may bring an assistant to the booking, so long as they have also been background-checked and approved by Handy to use the Handy platform.

One of the key reasons Handy is able to offer pros a steady supply of customers, is because customers know that Handy has approved each and every pro who uses the platform through a background check and identity verification.

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