Payment tiers

Payment structures vary, depending on the market. There are three types of payment structures: Weekly Tiers, Rolling Tiers, and Flat Rate. If you're a handyman professional, you'll always be on a flat rate structure, regardless of the market. If you think you might've been paid at the wrong tier, check out this article.

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Weekly Tiers

As you complete jobs each week, you'll meet benchmarks that put you in a new tier. When you reach a benchmark, all of your future jobs that week (both those on your schedule and still available to claim) will be paid at the higher per job, per hour rate. Tiers reset every Monday at 12:01 AM.

Rolling Tiers

Your payment tier is determined by a number of factors, including how many jobs you’ve completed and your average rating from customers. It’s determined on a rolling basis, so only your activity in the past 28 days counts towards your tier.

Flat Rate

In these markets, you'll always earn the same per hour, per job pay rate no matter how many jobs you complete. Some regions offer an incentive where you will be paid a higher rate per hour, per job when you work with repeat customers.

Handyman professionals earn a different per hour, per job pay rate depending on the complexity of the job, like whether or not it involves plumbing or electrical work. When you view a job in the app, you'll be able to see the expected payment.

Pay rates in your region

The Service Professional Agreement contains specific details about your pay rate in each region. Click on your region from the list below.

If the link doesn't bring you directly to your region, make sure your correct country is showing at the bottom of Service Professional Agreement page.

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