I'm unable to contact my customer

Did you try to call and text your customer through the buttons provided in the job details page, to no avail? Please make sure you’re using the phone number that’s associated with your account; otherwise, the messages and phone calls won’t be routed through. If you still can’t contact your customer, you should arrive at the address they gave and try to follow their entry instructions (also available on the job details page).

If you’re unable to enter their home, please wait for another half an hour - the customer might simply be running late, and you don’t want them to think you didn’t show up at all. If you checked in, and they haven’t communicated with you after a half an hour, feel free to leave the premises. Don’t worry: as long as your report the situation and check-out using the Handy Pro app, you’ll still receive full payment for the job, up to three hours. To create the report, just tap the Job Support menu in the job details page, and select My customer isn't home.

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