Add to or deduct time from the job

Deducting time

First, try not to leave a job early, without the customer’s explicit approval. Customers have booked your services for a set number of hours and expect you to stay for that entire period. Remember that if you have time left over you can always complete some additional extras, or spend time making sure everything is completed as thoroughly as possible.

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That said, if you’ve completed everything to the customer's satisfaction and they give explicit approval for you to go, they can request the time be decreased by contacting the Handy customer experience team.

Adding time

When you first get to a booking try to assess whether or not you'll be able to complete everything in the time booked. Some customers may book less time because they don't want all their rooms worked on.

Be upfront with your customers before you start and let them know they may need to add time to complete the job to your level of satisfaction. If they don't want to add hours to the booking, ask them what they'd like prioritized.

Only the customer is able to approve the addition of time to a job, so if you don't confirm it with them, you won't be eligible for additional hourly pay.

This works a bit differently for booking made through Wayfair or Walmart. You can learn more about that process here.


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