Check-in & check-out issues

The check-in and check-out buttons are used so that we’re able to verify the jobs you’ve completed, and help ensure your payments are accurate. If you’re having trouble getting the feature to work, make sure your location services are turned on, and note that the feature will only work if the Handy Pro app can tell that you’re close by the customer’s address.

In order to see the check-in button, you'll need to open up the job details, and tap the On My Way button, which activates an hour prior to the scheduled start time.

If there’s still an error, or you forgot to check-in or check-out, there’s no need to stress. As long as you text your customer that you couldn't contact them and are leaving, you’ll still be paid for the completed job. If you’re concerned about the customer, send them a text to let them know what your status is. 

There's no need to message Handy to let us know you had difficulty with check in and check out issues. Just remember to take the above steps!

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