How do I login to the Handy Pro app?

To login simply open the Handy app and enter the phone number on your account. Then hit the button labelled Get PIN Code.


We'll text, and email, you a one time use, 6 digit PIN code to login. Do not share this code with anyone else, these codes are meant to provide you with secure access to your business account.

Enter your PIN code and click Log In.


Congratulations, you're in the Handy Pro App!

If you're having trouble, make sure that the phone number you’re entering is the same as the number on your account. If you're new this is the phone number you gave us on your application. If your number has changed, or your having trouble logging in, use the form below to contact our Customer Experience team for assistance.

Please note that if you have been removed from the Handy platform, you won't be able to login.

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