Requesting More Time in the App

We understand that sometimes a job may be more complicated than expected or a customer requests additional work. For these circumstances, we've created an in-app feature that allows you to request additional paid time from your customer during a job to help manage booking expectations. Once you submit the request, Handy handles all of the communication and payment processing so that you can focus on your work!

Please note that this feature is only available for some bookings. If you don’t see the below in the app, please follow the standard process for requesting more time here.  


How it Works:

Before submitting a request, talk to your customer about how much extra time you need and why. If your customer agrees to the need for extra time, follow the steps below to submit a formal request to the customer. Note: you will only be paid for the extra time if your customer agrees to the request through this process. You must request extra time before the booking window ends. You can only submit one request per booking - be sure you have the final amount of time confirmed before requesting.    

1. After Checking In, the Job Support menu will show an option titled “I need more time to finish the job” if your booking is eligible for an on-the-job request.  


2. Select the amount of time you and your customer agreed to add and submit the request.


3. The customer will receive a text message asking them to confirm the extra time. Once approved, you’ll be notified via text message and your payment will be updated when the booking window ends.


The customer has until the end of the booking window to accept or deny the request. If you don’t receive a confirmation text noting the approval or denial of your request, please discuss with the customer what tasks they’d like prioritized for the booking since the booking hours and payment will remain the same. Complete the booking to the best of your ability and check out of the job as you normally would.

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