Job Rate Increase Requests

Here at Handy we value the work you're doing we want to provide you with the tools to succeed in your business. Job Rate Increase Requests have been designed to let you increase your earnings from your top repeat clients.


How it works

After checking out from a job, you will have the option to request a Job Rate Increase for future bookings from your client. You can request a rate increase of between 5-20%, or continue working at your current job rate.

Your clients will have the option to accept or reject your request, and you'll be notified immediately of their decision. You can always check the status of your request by going to your Clients tab and selecting the client you are waiting to hear back from.

If accepted, you'll be paid your agreed upon increased rate on all future jobs with this client. If rejected, you can choose to either continue working at your previous job rate or stop working with the client in the future.


When will I be eligible to request a Job Rate Increase?

You will be able to request a Job Rate Increase once you meet the minimum number of completed jobs required on the Handy platform.

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