What is Cash Out Now?

When you choose the option to Cash Out Now, the payment is promptly sent to your bank!
In order to select this option, go to your Account page in the Portal App and select Payments. Underneath the specific payment you want to push through, you'll see a button marked Cash Out Now. Clicking this button will start the process of sending your payment to your bank.
Once your bank receives this payment they may take up to 5 business days to deposit it into your account. Some professionals will receive funds more quickly, as it varies depending on the bank you use. Unfortunately, we are unable to speed up this timeline. Please be patient, and if you have any questions, please contact your bank. If you want to see an estimate of when to expect your payment, click here.
Every time that you use Cash Out Now we will be subtracting a small processing fee from your payment.  If you are interested in using our Daily Cash Out feature, click here for more information.
If you still have questions about your deposit, fill in the form below to request a deposit review, someone from our team will respond shortly.
Note: Cash Out Now feature feature is only available to professionals who have lifetime platform earnings of $200/£200 or more. 
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