Setting up Instant Book

Instant Book is a a way for you to tell customers your preferred business hours and allow customers to book directly into your schedule.

When customers book or reschedule into the Instant Book Hours you chose, you will receive a notification and the job will immediately appear on your schedule. With Instant Book set, you won’t miss out on jobs in the Claim tab that require you to manually claim them. In addition, you’ll make your customers happier because they’ll be able to book directly with you.

Remember there is no obligation to set Instant Book. This feature is just one of the many tools offered through the Handy platform to help you build your business.


Step 1: Click the Availability Status Bar to see your availability options

You can set Instant Book from the Schedule tab in the pro app. Click on the availability status bar to get started.


Step 2: Select the “Instant Book” availability option

Tap the first option on the screen to enable Instant Book for that date on your schedule. Keep in mind that if you want to enable Instant Book for future dates, you will have to go to that date on your schedule and turn on Instant Book for that date.


Step 3: Select the hours that you want to receive Instant Book jobs

After tapping “Instant Book”, you will be brought to a screen that shows various time ranges. Enter the time ranges you would allow your customers to Instant Book you. You can set up to three time ranges per day. When you are done, tap Save. If you need to change your time ranges, you can select Edit Hours under the Instant Book availability setting. You will still be able to receive requests for any hours that you do not mark as Instant Book.


Step 4: Make sure your Instant Book hours are up to date!

Normal cancellation fees apply for jobs received directly through Instant Book, jobs may be added to your schedule up to four hours before their start time, so be sure your hours are always kept up to date!



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