Setting my available hours

By setting your available hours, Handy customers will be able to see your preferred times and book directly into your schedule. When clients book or reschedule into the hours you chose, you will receive a notification and the job will immediately appear on your schedule.
You can set your available business hours either daily or weekly from the Schedule tab in the app.



To set your hours for a single day select the date and enter the time ranges you would like your clients to book jobs. You can set up to three time ranges per day. When you are done, select Confirm Hours

 Screen_Shot_2017-08-01_at_5.28.46_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-08-01_at_5.03.06_PM.png

 This will immediately update the times customers are able to book directly into your schedule.





If you want to set the same availability every week select the calendar icon in the top right hand corner.


This will take you to weekly availability. This means that you can tell your customers your standard working hours so they can book directly into your schedule, without having to wait for you to claim the booking.


You can leave some days open, if you're not sure when you're going to be able to work, or let your clients know you're not accepting jobs by toggling I'm available off and selecting Confirm Hours. Your clients will not be able to send you new requests or book you directly on these days. Customize your schedule to look exactly how you want it!

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Be sure to update your hours as they change so your existing and new clients know when to book you. 

Normal cancellation fees apply for bookings made directly by your clients, so be sure your hours are always kept up to date!

Remember there is no obligation to set your available hours. This feature is just one of the many tools offered through the Handy platform to help build your business.


For information on editing and/or removing your available hours, please click here.

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